Soul Pretty

Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame was on t.v....talking about how she doesn't have a nanny or housekeeper....What?! She maintains her home all by herself...she mentioned that her mom did it while waitressing so why can't she do it...LUVed that. Women like Pamela are my alter ego, over the top sexuality, always made up and flirting...but, somehow they always seem to handle their business...So that got me thinking...what would Pamela wear to pick-up her boys from a soccer game?...So I made these tops, inspired by Pamela Anderson...Get yours here.


  1. yeah..i saw her on something once talking about how she does things where parenting is concerned. i must say, i was pretty impressed.

    lovely tops. i really like the style of the white one.

  2. Um...Yeah, not making me feel good about having my cleaning lady over this week...though I am pretty busy, LOL.


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