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Your all invited...

Whether it’s art (both wearable and fine) or music, The SundayBest Collective is the event that brings it to the community-at-large in an environment without the heavy sell because the merchandise speaks for itself. So,
If your looking for a funky holiday party, with live music, handcrafted one of kind gifts that you can purchase for yourself and your family...if you love being around artistic, creative people, or if you just want to party and get your drink on...don't miss the SUNDAYBEST's happening in NYC on Sunday, December 7th and it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! I will be there selling my wares, so please stop by....

The SundayBest Collective

Sunday, December 7th
2pm – 7pm
The Fat Black PussyCat Lounge
130 West 3rd Street
New York, NY


  1. this seems pretty exciting. i'd love to be there. we have something similar here but it actually hasn't taken place for a while.

    that's a nice promo.

    i wish you all the best! :-)


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