Enough with the election...let's have some fun

...this made my day...I heart him...he could be my new best friend...Beyonce has some competition...remove your kids from the room or they may be scarred for life...or inspired, who knows...I luv it...In my world it's called passion.

...this is one of my favorite YouTube videos...these two need their own show...which got me thinking, why are there no black, single mom's on t.v.?


  1. Ha, Ha! That's great! America the Beautiful plays over it though, but once I found the button I was bouncin' along!

  2. That's documentary filmmaker Mya B and her son Malakot. She is a real active force in our Brooklyn community and a friend. Her son has matured quite a bit over the years but is still a riot and quite wise for his age. Yeah, they would be great on TV. Check out her website:


  3. Oh my goodness he is such a riot and cutie pie! I really needed that laugh this morning! Thanks for sharing.

  4. lmaoooooooooooooo!! thanks for posting that video. well, the second one. (i'd seen the first already and have done my share of cracking up over that one.)

    those 2 are great. gotta check her sire...


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