Musical Selection for Today... begins Mini's medical testing...Neuro/Psych/Biopsy/ my posting will be random over the next week...If you all could just send good vibrations Mini's way, I'm sure it will all be good...I'm trying...

...on a lighter more distracting note...this used to be my song!!!! Reminds me of sitting outside all night on the park bench drinking pink champale (do they still sell that?)with my first boyfriend listening to our homemade mix tape on the boom box. Seems like another life time...


  1. Consider the good vibrations sent! :-D Keep your head up! Things will be A-OKAY!

  2. *sending good energy y'alls way* :-D

    kenny latimore's so smooth. love this song.

    *off to google pink champale*

  3. Our prayers are always with you both. Did you drink your pink champale with a straw. I did. I remeber recording songs off the radio to make my tape. Ahh back when things were simple.

  4. good vibrations being sent from toronto :)


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