I have so many thoughts running threw my mind...I am feeling overwhelmed with pride and honor....In my life America has been like that family member that you know they can be some much more, do so much better...they are given so many opportunities to rise but, they continue to disappoint you over and over and then finally, finally they come through...and SHINE.

Just sharing...
...Mini's thoughts as we watched and waited for the election results last night...

When the electorial count was coming in and Obama had 170 to McCains 95, Mini made this statement, "trying to stop him (Barack) from winning is like trying to stop yourself from going down the sliding board".

We switched to Fox news after hearing on TVOne that Fox didn't have an electorial college map up like every other news channel, and Mini said, "this channel is too confusing." I said, it's their job to be which Mini said...they're good at it".

Mini fell asleep before the actual announcement...When I awoke her, she sat up and said, "we whooped them like butter and cheese!"

...Mini never seems to amaze me with her understanding of the world...


  1. This is beautiful. We are VICTORIOUS!!!!

  2. Mini is very very wise. I am beyond thrilled, I am overjoyed and proud to be an American.

  3. i'm not american but i dont think you have to be to appreciate, be proud and excited about what has happened in the US. i held an election party last night in new jersey and am seriously considering getting a bus load of folks from toronto (my home) or at least a car full and making a road trip to washington for jan.20. yes america! yes you can and yes you did!

    p.s. your mini is the cutest thing ever - it never amazes me the clarity that kids bs - just to the point :)

  4. I am beyond amazed that America cut through the BS and actually elected someone that is more then capable of running this country. The fact that he is a black man... "Oh my"

  5. You have such a beautiful blog. I love this post, and Ray Charles version of America The Beautiful, just made it that much more uplifting. Thank you for sharing this with us!!!


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