...Friday night I went to an Art Show/Fundraiser for Barack Obama...Art and politics, what's better than that?

...Saturday morning went to the flea market with Mini and our cousins...found some cool stuff
...finally, found a dresser for Mini's room, just $25.00 and it fit in my car...gonna paint it and get new knobs...stay tuned.
...the rest of my loot...a funky, vintage leather bag $4.00, a ceramic pig $2.00 and a ceramic tea pot 50 cents...going home with change in my pocket...Priceless...Mini and company hated the bag and ceramic pig...I had to buy them on the down low...
....Look how cute they look in my kitchen...

...holding tea bags...
I heart this pig...


  1. I don't eat pork, but I love the pig as dishtowel holder! :-) We need to meet up and go shopping together and then blog about it! You need to come down to Eastern Market!

  2. loving the tea pot and dresser...wow only $25!!!! good deal!!! Lucky you!

  3. haha! the pig with the dishtowel is fab! defintiely adds a touch of whimsy.

  4. lol @ buying on the down low. great finds. i like the pig. it looks happy. :-D

  5. awesome finds! that leather purse is beyond kick ass!


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