D.I.Y. Project


Easy, easy, easy...cut a strip of fabric to your desired length and width...stitch or glue around the strip in order to present a finished edge...find your favorite twill ribbon, make a loop, pin to strip, and stitch straight across the top to secure in place...this person just stapled it to their door...I would sew loops along the top and hang it from a couple of hooks or nails in the wall...this is definately a project where you could let your imagination run wild...put as many or as little strips as you like...Imagine making one with holiday fabric and velvet ribbon...luv....


  1. Brilliant - what a great idea!!

  2. Really cool!. I could see a ribbon strip hanging down the end with clothes pins for my kids to attach their mittens. mmm...

  3. I love the scarf hanger what a great product! I wonder where I can get one here in Atlanta?


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