Lazy Post, the past two days were spent with Mini and her doctors...there was good and bad news...the MRI's showed no worsening damage, good news---but it has not gotten better as we hoped, bad news...hum? The doctors recommended that we just continue her treatment as noted until something better comes along and hope for the best...hum? So Mommy is taking the day off to breathe...and i'll leave you guys with a little eye candy for your weekend...


  1. The situation will get better. You and Mini will be in my prayers.

  2. just spent the most gorgeous fifteen minutes scrolling happily 'round your site...

    the pics are stunning...not nearly half as much as your relationship with your mini, though. well done...

  3. that picture is so beautiful.

    best wishes with the health situation.

  4. you will both be in my prayers tonight :)

  5. Stay strong baby,

    I thought of you this morning when I saw Paul Newmann passed on. He lived a life he loved, we should all be so blessed. Kisses to you and my girl. Hope to see you soon.



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