Advice to the Grown and Sexy Men Out There

The other day I was in Target picking up a prescription for Mini...There was an old man waiting at the pharmacy...I smiled at him and said, "how you doin'?"...just trying to be polite...His face light up and he smiled back and said, "not so good, cause I'm not with you" and just walked away...OMG, his response was so cool and sexy and this man was at least 75 years old...Damn, brothers need to spend more time with their elders...Here I was thinking I was making his day and he made mine...So, men remember that line the next time a lady asks, how you doin'...You might get lucky...If I were just a few years older, old man may have had a

...Just an OG.


  1. I love it! It is so true. I guess men had to try harder back in the day because women weren't out there just giving it away (one of my pet peeves as a woman today).These young men today don't know how to speak to a woman. Simple comments like that and I have no problem cooking for you!


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