My Dining Area...

I have a dining area, not an actual room...last year a friend of mine painted this beautiful mural on the wall. I was having a hard time trying to decide what to put there and they came up with this...Isn't it beautiful...everytime I pass it, I just feel happy...I slip covered the dining chairs with fabric from a curtain I purchased at IKEA...The light on the wall to the left makes such a wonderful pattern on the wall...I purchased the faux crystal light fixture from IKEA for about $12.00...I think we have one in every room in the house...



  1. OMG...that mural is on your wall?! Beautiful!

  2. this looks so quaint, elegant, and pretty..are those roses...the white is fantastic...the lighting is very moody...I love it all...great space!!!! so, what time is dinner? LOL

  3. I love the look and feel of your dinning space. I want to come too LOL

  4. that's nice i love your chairs that gives me an idea about covering my chairs you said you used a curtain you go girl

  5. I do love the round table. I think I am doing the round white in my kitchen instead of the glass square I mentioned. What do you think?


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