....Today is the first day of day camp for Mini...YEAH! Mini and I have been attached at the hip for the past 3 weeks since school ended...24 hours a day...I know a mom shouldn't say this, but, I need my space...Mini is not the kind of sleep until noon and then sit in the front of the t.v. and entertain yourself kind of kid...She's the, wake up at 7:30...come in my room about 10 times trying to see if I'm up yet...and when I finally give in and get up she gives me that look that says, "what are we doing today?" UGH! Well today she will give that look to someone else. Those poor unsuspecting camp least their young enough to run around with her, catering to her every whim...

The camp is right outside my I don't even have to get up and drive her there or pick her up...YES!

They take the kids on trips twice a week...YES! On a coach bus...not the subway...YES! Some of the trips Mini will enjoy this summer are, the Bronx Zoo, Rye Playland, Sony Wonder Lab, Native American Indian Museum, Liberty Science Center, Coney Island, etc...I'm off the hook...On the weekends we will only do what I want to do...she's had her fun at camp....ha, ha, ha.

I really had to make some sacrifice to pay for the camp but, I think it's worth it...The trips are included the only thing I have to provide is lunch...Here's a picture of the camp from my terrace...You can't really see the building it's covered by trees...but the kids will play tennis and run around here all summer long...all I have to do is look out the window and smile...


I made Mini her favorite chocolate chip pancakes as a send off...YUM! That should hold her until snack time...psst, I will not be doing this everyday...tomorrow, cereal.



  1. Thanks for the comment love lady.
    I so feel you on this one.
    Jade started camp this week too.
    I haven't been able to drop her off yet, but I'm glad she has something to keep her busy.

    Wishing you lots of happy free-time!


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