Musical Inspiration For this Historic Day

This song sums up how I feel I'm dreaming...and don't wake me up till my dream is complete...
I never thought I'd see a Black American taken seriously as a candiate running for President of the U.S.A. People all over America have hope today. Just imagine, we could actually have a president who knows what it's like to purchase your meals with food stamps...Amazing!
No matter where your life begins, black, absent father, white mother, dragged all over the world...raised by your grandparents, food stamps...If you look deep down inside yourself and hold on to your...your...your....potential...anything can happen. You can compete in the best school with the most privlaged, go home and give back, share what you have learned, marry and respect your partner and your children, only in America...
Last night was amazing...In my humble opinion Barack Obama is an outstanding example of true manhood...not Black manhood, not White manhood...Just an example of a Man who is concious of his place and reason for being in this world. Too often too many of us are just taking up space...Let's think about our place in this world. Amazing!



  1. i never blog about religion or politics but last night as i watched him give his speech i was compelled to acknowledge it on my blog. its such a historic, proud moment...amazing.


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