Inside My Fridge

I have been tagged by Nina at She has asked that I take pictures of my pantry and refrigerator...Here it is Nina...

Pretty tea, watermelon, goji juice, garlic, left-overs, sunny-D for my daughter to take with her medicine every morning, it's the juice that works for her and white wine on tap for mommy...

Fruits and veggies, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, apples and feta cheese...boring.

Bottom drawer, adult beverages for my adult friends...mostly girlfriends don't drink beer and neither do I...Every now and then when dinner turns into breakfast...wink...I like to make mimosa's with breakfast...That's why the Andre's there....

Pantry is a bit of a holds the staples...Mini-me loves ramane noodles...It's a treat when she is allowed to eat them...I pretty much cook 3 meals a day...breakfast, lunch and dinner...Compared to the typical American family, we rarely eat out...I Love to Cook.


  1. we do have som ethings in common :)
    Thanks so much for playing along Lady.


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