BET Awards 08

O.k...I could go on for hours about what's wrong with BET and how I (yeah, me) can fix it. BET does one thing right each year and that is their awards show...It's the BEST! Did you see Maxwell last night? Well, check him out again...the man is Sexy with a capital S....dang...makes a girl feel good...


  1. i was working at an event but my sister made sure to tell me all about his appearance! i love me some maxwell! i watched it on youtube but will catch the repeat this weekend...and i agree, there is a lot i could say about BET but one thing they do right is their awards - always great performances.

  2. I totallay agree! BET is the WORST network EVER and I certainly have my own thoughts on how I can repair it as well! The best part of my evening was the awards viewing party I attended where we partied like rockstars. :-) Love the blog! Definitely subscribing!


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