Today's Musical Selection...Mariah Carey, Vision of Love

I would like to beleive in love and all that that entails...I hear Miss Mariah found her a nice young man that she could train...
I can only guess she is singing this song today and feeling lovely... I'm not gonna would be too easy. I'll just say keep hope alive and work on my visualization meditation some more...

I've been around long enough to know that happiness doesn't come like we expect, in a nice big box with a beautiful pink bow...No, I it comes in little moments, that we have to cherish and enjoy...I hope that is what Mariah is doing today...Can you ever expect forever? Just enjoy all of today and maybe, just maybe, all your today's strung together will go on forever.

Love is where you find it.

This was my song back in the day....Enjoy!

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, married at her home in the Bahamas, yesterday, May 1, 2008. She is 38 ? he is 28?...I'm just saying.


  1. Beautiful insightful post. No, you cannot expect forever, in anything. Life is fluid, everything shifts and changes. The best thing to do is enjoy the moment, treasure it and eat really good bread.


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