Election Watching with Mini-Me


Last night mini-me and I are watching the election results with Tim Russett on MSNBC when Tim says, (yeah, I call him Tim cause we tight like that)"Barack can't win because of XYZ". Mini-me sits up and says, "What? He can't win because his zipper is open". I laughed so hard I feel off the couch. Kids, you gotta love em'.
Keep it simple people...

Then mini-me suggested something I think is profound, yet simple... "Why don't they both go on that show, The Moment of Truth...then everyone will know who's telling the truth..."
Keep it simple people.

Moment of Truth

Since Mini-me was in such a political state of mind I decided to ask her, what question she would ask Obama and Clinton if she had the chance...and here are her questions...

For Clinton, do you really want to be president or does you husband want to be president again? Hum...

For Obama, will you stop the war and make better schools for dyslexic children? Hum...

Even at the ripe old age of 11 she knows to vote her interest...I am so proud...Happy Mothers Day to me...


  1. ROFL!!! I can't stop laughing at the thought of them on "Moment of Truth".

  2. moment of truth .that's a great idea


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