I got a shout out...

I would like to thank Erica over at the YMIB website for giving my Soul Pretty Blog a shout out...Her site is all about creativity and inspiration and I'm proud to be among her other guest...If you want to see more go to http://ymib.com/.

Roll Call: Soul Pretty

Who We Love: Soul Pretty

Why We Love It: Interior design, fashion, handmade goods, motherhood, creativity, could we ask for more? Soul Pretty has such wonderful taste in design and style and it is no wonder that she is an Interior & Fashion Designer living it up creatively with her daughter in New York. If you are ever in need of a little design inspiration then this is a blog that you will want to check out often & be sure to take a stroll through her etsy shop and pick up something handmade and “Soul Pretty” (psst...this top is darling)!


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