We got to do better...

I will begin by saying, I have never been married...I have been close, but no bouquet; and today I'm feeling really lucky and favored. Maybe some of you married men and women can help me to understand.

When you get married do you sell your soul? Do you trade your self-respect, your dreams, your dignity for what; a house, a car, private school for the kids, and vacations? They're all lies...your entire life is a lie...I don't know, some people just love living a lie...or do they? Don't even get me started on the diseases that will come up when living with such a liar. Are you supposed to put up with that for the rest of your life just because you said a vow?

Do those words, "for better or worse" give your spouse the right to destroy your life and humiliate you and your family? If you take the better I guess you have to take the worse, right? Somehow I don't think there is ever enough better to make someone stand next to that type of WORSE! Why must the woman be dragged out to stand beside you while your telling the whole world about your secret lifestyle...UGH!

Come on people, we got to do better...





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