My girly moment...

I took my car to the repair shop the other day...the cars been shutting off. When I asked a few male friends "what could it be"? No one had an answer. Men just aren't as handy as they were back in the day... No, not in my day, you know, my mom's and em' day... (I'll talk about that at a later date) ...Anyway, off I went to the neighborhood mechanic...a real manly man...and to my surprise, he wanted to call the car police...My car was out of ANTI-FREEZE! UGH and thank you at the same time. Is that it? I felt like such a girl when he told me that...I hate when that happens...


  1. Sadly, I've found that men in the city are usually the WRONG people to ask about car issues. I know more about mechanical problems than they do. LOL. I should probably attribute that to my car loving/repairing dad.


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