Not blogging for a few days

Hello guys, I can't blog right now...spring cleaning and redecorating are going on in my place...I'll be back in a few days with photos...


Got bracelets?


So Cute


I designed this top today...little girl size 5...Available soon at

Latest Creation


My latest creation...size 5/6...Available soon at


I made these delicious red velet cake balls after visiting the wonderful food blog
It's really easy...and so velvet cake covered in milk chocolate candy...yum.
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Today's Musical Selection - Happy Easter...

I know there's a lot of foolishness going on in the world, but whenever I hear this's all put in human being has the power to make the sunrise or set...Happy Easter.

Easter Fashions

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Photos of the Easter Dress I made for my daughter and how it made her feel...

Today's Musical Selection - Kem - Back into my Life

I heart this song...and when I saw the video I was blown away...check out how their brownstone goes from being the perfect home (medifore for their love in the beginning) to a gutted mess (medifore for how they felt when love ended)...did I work on this love the concept....

A day in the life of a single mom...

There was a very busy end to our's Easter and I'm trying to continue those traditions that I grew up with. You know, doing the things that make childhood worth remembering...I baked cookies and dyed eggs with my daughter...

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The cookies were easy...I love to bake...don't they look good...?

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But, by the time we got around to dyeing the eggs...I was done...thinking, what the he*( is wrong with me...dyeing eggs isn't, we have to put glitter on them too...UGH! It was all worth it when my daughter went to bed with a smile and the kitchen was clean and I had a nice glass of wine and caught an episode of Law & Order before going to bed...Motherhood...who knew?

Today's Musical Selection - Maxwell / Lifetime

Damn, Sexy music with a message. Does it get any better than that...I hope your weekend is inspired and sexy...

Genius...just Genius...why didn't I think of that?


Introducing the Bruce Balcony Barbque Grill - $79.00 US -
If your clever you could make your own.

If you live in an urban city like me you know space is at a premium...if your lucky enough to have a balcony...guess what? Now you can have a Bar-B-Que. I have had big cluncky bar-b-ques on the terrace and hated them...but, this, this is so petite and it hangs from the balustrade just like flowers...even installs just like a flower clever...just one down side...look out below, hot dog coming down.

Go Here for more information

Love at first sight

Oh, if the will of the universe would just help me find this chair in someones trash or flea market or just falling off a

This chair is so hot...I may have to get rid of all my furniture. If I ever find one like the imortal words of Samuel L. Jackson in Jungle Fever, and "I'll do know I'll do it"...


Art Inspiration

If you like the artwork in the room below, check-out Marissa Arterberry at . I think this young lady is very talented and has something to say through her art...Her work is very youthful,vibrant and happy. Imagine one of her painting in a baby girls room...Halle Berry could use one of her painting in her baby's nursery...the colors are great...I would love to design a nursery around these colors...The artist works out of Cali.


So stylish, you could wear sweats and throw this coat over it and no one would know.

If I had this coat I wouldn't be mad at 6 more weeks of winter...

Found Treasure

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Look what I found left for the trash this morning while taking my daughter to the bus stop. I can't believe someone threw this has a solid brass trunk and's covered in cowrie shells and it has the coin of Nigeria embedded all over is almost 3 feet in length...Amazing!



Ow, I heart these wine glasses...floating redwine glass

In A Perfect World

O.K. remember the "In a perfect world" post where I said my home in the Hamptons would look like this when you open the door? Well, this is what the sittingroom would look like in that know, the room where I would do yoga and drink tea and read magazines...In a Perfect World, of course.



The next time you see a generic cabinet in Home Depot...remember this! So clever...


I heart this flower

I heart this flower belt...I know Carrie killed this style in Sex and the City...but, I think it's classic...and I'm a classic kind of girl...



I went to Walmart yesterday to purchase Easter Candy with my daughter. A delivery of plants had just arrived and I picked up these two for $6.00...they had many more. I like the spider plant....Growing up, everyone had this plant in their home...My mom says it's supposed to bring you financial luck...hum, we'll see. I have noticed this plant in mid-century designed rooms in my decorating magazines...Old School.


My Work

I created a faux fireplace where there was none...I designed the pillows with the little girl motif...I may make more and sell them at this spring...


Just wanted to share some fierceness...


IKEA Madness

I know you've all seen the round circle rugs at IKEA...they usually go for around 4 bucks each...If your like me you look at them and think what the h#$^ can I do with these? Take a look at what this person did...clever, so clever...make a big statement with little cash...


Mommy Inspiration

Here's a little inspiration for all the mom's out there trying to do it all...As you know Heidi has her hands full in more ways than one and she still manages to make it look good...


My Latest Project

I'm designing, sewing, blogging, surfing all old desk chair is an antique and was too off I went to my favorite store, and if your a fan of this blog there's no need to mention the name of the store...I picked up this generic chair and thought, "maybe I can give it some flavor"...If you know me personally, you know nothing goes in my home unless it has "flavor" Wa-la, here it is...I love turned out better than I expected...I may end up selling them at do you think?

Photobucket Now it's just perfect...

Photobucket Ow, looking good...

Photobucket After a little elbow grease...

Photobucket This is how it started out...

Today's Musical Selection - J.Lo - Love Don't Cost A Thing

JLo is a friend in my head...check out the apartment in the opening shot...sick...and fellas, listen to the words, I know it may be hard to do when JLo shaking on the screen, but give it a try...Enjoy.

Oh, La, La - In A Perfect World

A lot of designers wear the same type of clothes every day...some wear white shirts and jeans...or all black, or makes it easier for them to focus on their collections... a perfect world...I would wear this outfit to work daily...Chic and comfortable...


Black walls are glamorous

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