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Musical Inspiration for today...Enjoy! Marvin Gaye

In a Perfect World

In A Perfect World


Weekend Craft Project

In A Perfect World

OFFICIAL Sex and the City Movie Trailer

In a Perfect World

Yeah...Look what came in the mail today...

In a Perfect World

I heart this jacket


Charity Begins at Home

Till it happens to you-Corinne Bailey Rae

In a Perfect World

Another Chalkboard Idea

Chalkboard Paint

Cute and Clever

Good Morning

Belated Birthday Present

How Could I Leave the NYC?

In A Perfect World

Oh, Baby

Can I have your number

Good Idea?


Inspiration Needed

I heart this coat

A little light reading

Monday already?

Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce--Hollywood

Got a date?

DVD Night

I heart this planter

Easy D.I.Y. Project

Modu Mobile Jackets

Today's Musical Selection - Good Lookin'

Things that make me happy



Today's Breakfast

Found on the web

Found on the web

Today's Musical Selection...Enjoy!



Feminine Rims