We'll miss you...

Italian designer Valentino, whose signature flaming red couture gowns have graced royalty, Hollywood stars and the international jet set for 45 years, announced today he was stepping down as head designer of the Valentino fashion house.

I Love This Coffee Table

I've been thinking about making this very same table. It is by Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic. I guess it's true, great minds think alike.

Van Hunt - For the Grown and Sexy

This is definately not another silly, pop, love song...if your grown and open minded, press play.

Hip Tranquil Chick: Pose of the Podcast #116 - Deep lunge

If your an artist or creative person in need of a little motivation check out the Hip Tranquil Chick Podcast on Itunes.
Gotta go get my yoga on and head right...see ya later.

Girlfriends Toni and Botox

I tried to find an episode with Joan's house and I came across this clip...It's even more hilarious in a foreign language...but Joan's house is hot...

Tell Me It Aint So!


Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross)and Aaron (Richard T. Jones) became my favorite mismatched t.v. couple...now I hear through the blogesphere that Mr. Jones will not be returning to the show next season. He has a new gig on Fox, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. What will Joan do? She is in the middle of renovating their new t.v. home...she let her girlfriend, Lynn move into her old home...and Lynn has made a mess of what was in my humble opinion the most beautiful set on t.v.
I love Joan's house...I'll post a picture...if I can locate it online...But it looks like Joan will be without a man again....

Thank You America

So, Rudy Guliani has dropped out of the race for the White House...America has just dodged another bullet. Great for America, not so great for New York...He's like the obnoxious uncle that no one wants to see come home.

Ayo - Life is real

This song is in heavy rotation on my IPOD...check her out...

Get Down, Get Down

Watching this video makes me happy...If I have the yellow dress that Mary Wilson of the Supremes is wearing, I'd be even happier.


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