Thursday, May 9, 2013

Inspiration is everywhere...

Sigh...Jury duty...WTF!

Well, it's over now...After two days of waiting around...(which left little time to hats off to all
 you bloggers who also have a full time job)  

When I finally got put on a case...

...only to have the case settled by the plaintiff while we were out to lunch...sigh.


In the mean time my bedroom is a wreck because I destroyed it while getting ready to sell my things at 

a flea market in Manhattan last Sunday.  (photos tomorrow)

The sale went well and I made a couple of coins...YEAH!  But, I remember why I don't do 

flea markets's a lot of work...set up, break down...and I'm not the best sales

I would do it again...I meet some really cool people who encouraged me to do a show in Harlem...

We'll see.


As for inspiration...I'm in love with the images below...

I could design an entire bedroom around them...first I have to clean and organize my own...once again.

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