Friday, March 15, 2013

Interior Design - Around the house

Just a couple of old snap shots from around the house...

Spring is next week and I am so ready to clean up...

open a window and move things around...

Mini's desperate need of a make-over...but, she loves the purple wall...
I will surprise her and make it over next time she spends any time away from home...surprise.
It has been like this for over 2 years...UGH. 

Mini in the Adidas store

found at HomeGoods

 Okay guys, I made a new video yesterday but when Mini saw it she said I looked tired...UGH!  So, now I have to make it over this weekend...will post next week.
Have a great safe.


  1. How do you get rid of something that is in perfectly good condition and redecorate? My black and white toile dust ruffle and shams are still in perfect shape after ~11 years! I so want a change! I’ve gone with different color comforters, maybe it’s time again for a new color, and new wall paint!
    Ahhh, I’m going to start looking!

  2. Very nice , i really like the sofa and wall design was great , beautyfull


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