Thursday, April 26, 2012

Randomness... know I love a picture wall...

...I need a green maxi gotta see all the thrifted "swag" (sorry Mini) I picked up yesterday.  So was 1/2 price Wednesday...more on that next week. know I'm getting a white couch...and I love the number 7 pillow on this sofa...

...this is what I look like in my  Cute.  The hair is perfection...the jewelry...UGH!

...loving painted furniture.

Luv these girls....The Olsens...too much style for one family.  I need, need, need the white dress...sigh...the hair makes me want a simple and lovely is this bed...another example of how style is not about's about feeling...


  1. Aww man. I saw the bedside lamp in the last picture at the thrift store yesterday. $5, didn't get it....Sometimes I do that to myself, I'm weird like that. My grandma used to have a yellow blanket like the one on that bed.

    I love that green maxi skirt, and thats definitely how my hair looks when I wake up from sleeping hard, great get up-and-go look! lol.
    Can't wait to see your thrifted finds!

  2. Hey Armanda,

    Don't you hate when that happens???? I bought two more lamps yesterday just because I couldn't leave I don't need them...It's crazy...the things you see when thrifting...It's hard for me to go into a traditional store got some good stuff...Just have to photograph it this weekend and I'll post it next week...enjoy your weekend.


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