Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Monday...

Hello everyone...hope you all had a fabulous weekend...I know I did!  Sade did not disappoint...she was amazing...everything I imagined her to be...I'm still marinating in the experience of seeing one of  my idols perform live...It doesn't get better than that...Thanks again K for thinking of me when you got the tickets...luv you.

The rest of the post is just random...

I picked up this basket while thrifting...$ I don't need another basket but it just reminded me of some of the things I see in Pottery Barn and Crate and I bought it home and didn't like the I painted it with a high gloss black and now I really love it...It's a perfect tray for taking food into my bedroom...and yes, I do eat in my bedroom every now and then...I also use it to carry food to the terrace...Luv.

My bedroom and new dinner tray...

I love this family photo...It's the best I've seen in a while.

...luving this top.  She reminds me of Mini.

...random black bathroom I'm loving.

...Yes...I'll take it.  The most beautiful door I've seen all month.  I live in an apartment no front door for me...but, this door has my creative juices flowing...It's got me thinking about doing something wild to the inside of my apartment door...Hum, I better not see any ethnic moulding in my travels or it's on...Smile.


  1. We never saw the bedroom bookcases completely filled, so I like this shot of it, very nice.

  2. Sing...I totally forgot...I'll get some pics today...

  3. LOVE the basket painted black. I'm heading home to try it out on one of mine tonight. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those doors!!!

  4. Ok I'm learning something. Now I know what to do with those sale baskets I see at the craft store. What kind of paint do you recommend?

    I like that door. The brown wood with the blue green lace design is intersting...

  5. Hey ladies...thanks for the comments...Sandra, I used regular latex house paint in a semi-gloss finish.


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