Wednesday, May 4, 2011 name is Soul Pretty and I'm addicted to thrifting...

...and really it's not my fault.  I got it mom and her sister were thrifting Queens...growing up I don't think anything in our house was ever bought new...besides food and  So, the other morning Mini wanted to go back to our neighborhood flea set's up every sat. and sun.  She had gone the weekend before with her cousins and now I think Mini has caught the bug We came across this mirror as soon as we walked in...I don't need another mirror...but, it was just $5.00. I couldn't leave it.

...after having it in the house for a day...I decided it needed to be sprayed white.

...I was wrong...everything in my place is turning white...UGH!  I gotta pick another I stopped by Lowes and picked up a can of sparkly gold spray paint...I was gold when I bought it...but not the right gold...I haven't painted it sucks...I'll post when done.


  1. What only $ 5.00 bucks!! I haven't been thrifting, must get back in the habit!

  2. Yes Mrs. Chic...$5.00 bucks...can you believe that? I went back the other day and there was an amazing sette for just $19.00 and a shabby chic arm chair, perfect condition and perfect for my bedroom for just $9.00...UGH! I didn't get But I'm still thinking about

  3. Yes..definitely gold not white! Great find!

  4. 5$?! the thrift stores around here are getting out of control. Im going to have to start travelling out of state. But that is a GREAT purchase.


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