Friday, April 29, 2011

A Tease...

...just to refresh your memory...this is how they looked before...just one cover away from the trash.

I know what you guys were thinking...I was thinking it too...but, I got it done...well...I got one done...Now I know what your got an old chair at home and you want me to cover it for $  No way.  Prices start at $ you too can have a new chair like mine.  More styled photos later...


  1. It's perfect! I have a chair cushion pad I need to cover on my mission chair. I'm going to try and do it myself and stitch by hand, no sewing machine. Or beg my mom to make me one on her machine.

  2. Looks good!!! please write a how to :) We have a chair and I have a slip cover for it, but I can see myself replacing that with something patterned and more fun --- but i'm scarred to try it!

  3. O.k...ladies...give me a moment and I'll post the instructions on how to recover a chair next week...promise.

  4. Gorgeous!! yes, please write instructions.

  5. I love before and after's beautiful. So, looking forward to the instruction. Thanks!


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