Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easy DIY ... Coffee Table

...loving everything, everything about this room. Especially the lighting hanging over the coffee table...I have no over head lighting in my apartment and I really need something like this to bring light into the middle of my living room...Can we talk about the coffee table? You see people, this is why I can not purchase expensive furniture for my home...I see this table and it makes me want to throw away the table I just showed you two posts ago...UGH! ....and how easy would it be to make this table...a couple of boulders from the home depot garden center and a round piece of stained wood....sigh...I'll just keep the image here until I can't stand it an longer... Good thing for me I got way too much going on right now.


  1. Great idea on that coffee table. I like natural materials for coffee tables, tree stumps are a fav of mine too.

  2. I LOVE that coffee table!! So unique and like the previous post said you can change it up a bit and use tree stumps- depending on the decor. The light fixture would give me nightmares though . . . it looks like a big toilet brush and seems like it would collect quite a bit of dust. Maybe a fixture with shells to tie in with the coffee table?

    Great post, thanks!

  3. Lol...Charlotte, your does look like a big toilet


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