Friday, March 27, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On...

...this is where the poster I ordered a few posts back from etsy landed...over the mantel with a couple of old family photos, my money frog, on the right is a statue that I purchased at the flea market for $8.00 bucks...the one on the left is from my Aunt...took me a couple of years of nagging to get that one...I heart it...


  1. Love the styling in this photo. As for my silverware containers, I got them at Target, beginning of last year, I that Global Bazaar event. I think they are darling, too!

  2. I am trying decide on the color I want to get. I have been looking at those for months..but that black is banging girl...good buy. why buyer did you use..i found there are many that have them other than sfbybaygirl.


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