Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday Loot

...this post is hard to read...but, these are some of the items I picked up this weekend during Target's Home sale, which luckily for me coincides with my b-day each year...
Wallpaper - $7.98 a roll...Mini and I put it up in the hall outside my bedroom...LUV!
Shiney, Black, Leggings - $3.24...I blogged about wanting a pair but never expected to see them at Target and at this price...Happy Birthday to me...
Garden Stool - $19.99...I've been eyeing them at Home Goods for $39.99...I heart never know what to expect...
Round Woven Basket -$9.98...I didn't get the decorative bust that I wanted, but this is just as good...heart!, and the decorative circles, just $3.98 each...gotta luv it...


  1. you have to watch out when you go there... they have a lot of good stuff.

  2. go you!

    yeah i always find an unexpected good deal in target.

    $3.24 for the shiny leggings??!?!? that's great!

  3. should have told us about the home sale over the weekend...ok, maybe not. LOL I'm staying home. :-)

  4. oHH..I almost bought that wall paper and then thought it would be too hard to put up.
    Was it hard?



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