Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm out of the shoe game

....I mentioned yesterday that I'm not a shoe's the proof...I found these shoes in a dusty box in the corner of my bedroom. All of them, never worn...well, that's not true. I wore the black straps with the red bottoms once.
...when I was a little girl, I wore what made my mom happy...when I was a teenager, I wore what made my friends happy, as a young woman, I wore what made men, I only wear what makes me happy...and these shoes don't make me happy...there cute, but right now, my life is so far from cute...I forgot I had them...


  1. Hmmm... I need to take myself out of the shoe game too. I buy them, but they stay in the closet while I wear sneakers.

  2. Do I spy Louboutins!? Um, I will never take myself out of the shoe game--too painful! What's your size? I'll take a few pair off your hands! ;-)

  3. I love shoes, just put some more Betsey Johnson's on hold till tomorrow. Forgot my check book so I have to go back tomorrow and pick them up first thing in the morning lol. I love all of her fun shoes!

  4. i find that i really like shoes...looking at them anyway...but i don't have a lot and the ones i do have are mote practical and comfortable as opposed to stylish and cute. well, they're all cute to me. :-D

    but like you, the ones i choose to wear at a given moment reflects my state of existence at the time.

  5. You know I dealt with that shoe dilemma this weekend. What happened to cute and comfortable? I found two kinds of shoes in store after store. Very flat ballet shoes or stripper shoes! Who is wearing these things?


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