If you hang around my blog long enough you'll find that I'm a "baller on a budget".
This is where I will chronicle some of my DIY projects...with Before and After pics..
Sometimes I'll post step by step instructions and sometimes I won't...Often, I'll be so excited to get the project done...I just forget to take pics.

I know everyone doesn't have the time or talent to for DIY...but, I hope that I can inspire you to give it a try.

I am a firm believer that one mans trash is another mans treasure...that goes for people too...smile.

I    D.I.Y.

I got this bed at The Brimfield Flea Market in Ma. for just $2.00...not a typo. I sanded, primed and hit it with a couple coats of high gloss black paint.

found at the salvation army for $10 bucks...a little primer/paint and elbow grease later...priceless.

Found in the trash...cleaned up with a couple coats of flat white paint...

Purchased at a flea market for $20 bucks...it's been painted a couple of times...

I paid $4 bucks for this side table at my local Salvation Army...Just took a couple coats of white paint to freshen it up.


A local thrift store find for just $15.00

I purchased this chest from my local Salvation Army for $35 bucks...went back and forth about painting it...and decided yeah...it should be white too.

I found this wooden shelf in the trash...cleaned it up with a little white paint.

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