Friday, September 28, 2012


So, here you have it...the after....

 ...the really turned out beautiful...I just love the feet on this table...

 I sprayed each table with Valspar, Perfect Finish, Gloss spray paint...the color is called, Cobalt Cannon

 Ohhh, shinny...

okay...don't look at the rest of the's a mess...I'm spray painting the headboard white if it ever stops raining...

 ...the dressers really look like they go together now...right?

...just look at that high gloss shine...I did go over it with one coat of polyurethane...can you believe this is the same dresser that almost ended my project?  Where did all those holes go?  Can't even tell...

 ...the mirrors were also sprayed with Valspar, gloss paint in gold...

 ...that's a picture of my mom when she was Mini's age...wearing a top she made.

 I lined each drawer with scented drawer liners...smells so good.

 ...all the accessories used to style the tables were all purchased from the thrift store...
I almost sold this wooden tray...sigh.  I'm so glad I didn''s perfect on my new table...
Well, there you have it people...go out, buy a piece of old furniture and give it new life...If I can do can do it...

Next up, my dresser...I feel like I'll find it this week...and when I do, what color should I paint it?

Enjoy your weekend and be safe.


  1. This is incredible. You did such a beautiful job. You have an impeccable eye for home style. I wish I had your vision...but I am inspired to give it a try.
    I'd love to know your paint technique.

    1. Oh Lisa,

      You are so kind...thank you...I love doing's truly a passion...I see old stuff and I just want to save it...

      There was really nothing hard to painting's just spray need a steady, light hand and a little patience...let me know if you give it a try...

  2. You really outdid yourself this time. These are the bomb! How much would you charge for those beauties?

  3. Priceless. I just noticed the mirrors. Luv Luv Luv.
    Did you see this writeup? You need to be on this show:

    1. Hey Sandra,

      I just saw that show for the first time yesterday...and I soooooo want to be on's taped here in nyc...How much do you think I could get for them? I would sell them you know...

  4. Yours appear to be in good condition...If you haven't see the cost of the Ethan Allen Dressers they are here--they are in the thousand of dollars:

    I'll send a link of your makeovers to Lara ;-)

    1. Oh, you are too kind...I'll be waiting by the I saw the price of the Ethan Allen products...crazy...I really lucked out...thanks again Sandra...for always encouraging means a lot.

  5. You are amazing lady! I love the dressers and mirrors. This is super inspiring.

    1. Hi Armanda,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you...

  6. aHH, I love that color gold you used on the mirrors. They look expensive. The is looking quite cozy now. I'm anxious to see that mantle play apart.


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