Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Sneak Peak...

I started my little bedroom make-over...well, actually I just put some paint on the wall...Painting is like therapy to me...that doesn't mean I want to paint your, there is no pleasure in that.  

I'm an artist at heart and it's nothing for me to pull out a paint brush and splash a little color on the wall...I don't do it professionally, no moving out all the furniture, taping, drop, none of that...When you go to design school one of the first things you learn is to dive right in, preparation is rarely necessary and will most likely stifle your creativity...and that's how I approach you can see, I didn't even bother to cover the
 I wanted to show you guys what my bedroom view is, right?  Not!  Lots of privacy...the bars were put up when Mini was a little girl...and now I can't remove them...weird screws...kinda looks like a prison yard if you ask me...I'll ponder how to fix it...

say hello to my new little friend...I heart this paint...I picked it up for $5.00 from the opps section at Lowes...I'm usually a Benjamin Moore person...well, move over...the paint went up effortlessly.  Covered in one coat and no smell what so ever...smooches.  I would definitely recommend it.  Even if you pay full price, which is around $35.00 a gallon.  Worth it.

So, that's what I got so far...Hum!?!?  Purple...really?  Why am I constantly running into purple opps paint?  Stop ordering purple paint   

I like it...kind night it looks grey...just not sure about painting the last blue wall deep, deep brown...I may head to Home Depot today and see what's hanging around the opps section...stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for the design school tip. Perhaps this is why my creativity is stifled; I plan too much. Have you thought about painting the bars outside in a color which is an extension of one of the colors in the bedroom? That could give take away the emphasis of the bars...
    Looking forward to the transition and love getting design tips.

  2. Hey Sandra, yeah...can't think too much when it comes to being really have to just jump in and see where you end up...paint the bars???? Smile...I want the bars gone...have a great weekend...I'll be painting.


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