Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My updated family birthday photo...

So, I got that family birthday photo I wanted...I was going to match the people in the new photo with the kids in the bottom photo...but, I thought it would be more fun if you guys guessed... 
There are 5 people from the top photo in the bottom photo...Can you find them?


  1. 1 Guy with the Orange Sweater
    2 The guy with the blue jacket
    3 The lady with the black top
    blue jeans with long hair

    4 lady with the pink plain sweater

    and YOU.

    This was hard...LOL

  2. ...lol...You got 2 right...me and the lady in the pink sweater...he, he...try again.

  3. lady with the blue dress
    lady in black
    guy in the back with the black shirt

  4. LOL...Sandra, thanks for playing along...you are so cool...I'll just answer the question...

    1. Lady in black
    (kid standing behind me looking mad)

    2. Lady in blue
    (kid standing next to me with stripped top)

    3. Lady in grey
    (kid standing in front with birthday hat, and blue and yellow button down top)

    4. Lady in pink
    (kid in the very front, eyes only and birthday hat)

    5. Me
    (the kid to the left with the blue jumper)

    Some of the younger people in the photo are the children of the kids in the photo...that's what threw you off...It was big fun and I'm so glad we got this photo to add to our family album. It's priceless.

  5. Thanks for clarifying. I thought my eyesight was getting worse...smile...


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