Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm slowly getting the hang of this... Mini got up late today and tried to miss the bus...UGH! I was in no mood to drive her to you can Imagine the drama this can,t leave the house until everything is perfect...well, not today. So, I think mama deserved a little sit down breakfast of Trader Joe's whole grain French toast...turkey sausage...with sliced bananas and coffee...strong's gonna be a long day.

Sidebar...Trader Joe's frozen French toast is the bomb...and I don't normally go for frozen breakfast foods...I grew up on Eggo Waffles and all things canned and mom was not the best cook...she had five kids and a very demanding full-time job in a public school...I'm a stay at home mom with one I think the least I can do is cook something...and as you guys know, I heart cooking...I learned to bake at a very young age. There was a old southern lady who lived next door to us...and she taught me everything I know...her name was Ruth and I loved, loved being in her kitchen...sidebar....she also pierced my ears in her kitchen...giggle...with a sewing needle, ice and thread...Old school...

...okay, I lost track...I was saying, try Trader's frozen French toast. This was my first time but I will be stocking up for mornings like this.

photo taken via IPad


  1. OH yum. I'll have to try them out.

  2. I like TJ's. Havent tried these though. Your picture came out good. Many times food pictures can look yucky. But this meal looks good...

  3. I know, right...and I took the photo from my IPAD which has a really bad camera...but, I guess in the right light it works if I can just figure out how to rotate the image in blogsy...


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