Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm a

...We survived Hurricane damage and stress free...beside my having to put everything from my  terrace into my living room, it was fine...thank GOD!  Thanks to all you guys who wished us well...NYC dodged a bullet...I did check out a couple of good films on Netflix...more on that on Flix Friday...

...Oh, how did that get in there...? that's not a pillow... that's a cupcake...Design ADD people.  That's why I can't get anything done...

...Today I have pillow cushions on my mind...Re-vamping my website is also on my mind...I have so many new things to add...but Mini is home from school and distractions are everywhere...I didn't get around to making those earrings this weekend...but I did do a lot of research for revamping my shopping site.  I really need to take photos of everything...nice photos...Anthropologie (sidebar...I went on the Anthro website and perused their want ads...sigh...lots and lots of jobs that I would love to have...they just happen to be in Philly.  UGH!) like photos...that will entice you all to buy the wonderful, special, beautiful things I have been stockpiling...I really need to organize them apartment is becoming a storage bin...UGH!  


  1. Glady the storm wasn't bad there.
    Speaking of Netflix, I saw Been Rich All My Life. Thanks for the rec, it was really good.
    I got one for you now. Stax Records documentary, really good with original footage of Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes.

  2. I love the pillow which sits alone on the cream sofa. That one is powerful.

    Rarely have I seen a pillow which sits alone and can balance a room. Interesting.

    Pillows and pictures are great accessories... easy care.

    Can't wait to see the additions in your store.


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