Thursday, January 7, 2010

...A day in the life of a single mom...

...So, yesterday Mini and I overslept and she missed the school bus...UGH, and just to let you know, this never happens...I was up pretty late the night before talking on the I was wiped out and couldn't drive her to school because she also had an orthodontist appointment at 3:00...and two trips to her school and the dentist just wasn't an option...So she stayed home...I thought going to the orthodontist would be a breeze...after all, what could be wrong with her teeth?...EVERYTHING...UGH! Mini needs braces...probably for 3 years...ugh...with monthly dental appointments...are you kidding me? Add something else to mom's to-do list...


  1. boo for all the negatives, but your "smile" in reference to the late night phone convo made me smile. as did the photo. it's nice.

  2. Hello I am a new reader and I absolutely love your blog its my best blog at the moment keep it up.


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