Saturday, August 22, 2009

All alone with my thoughts on a saturday night...

....Mini is off to D.C. visiting family and my evening didn't turn out as planned...So, I'm home alone with my thoughts, feeling a little down...having a margarita...watching a movie on t.v....when I had an AHA moment...

A young woman (in the movie I'm watching) told an old man that he had a gift for painting, when the old man replied, "no it's just a talent"...he went on to explain that a talent is something that you do better than most people, but a gift is something you do that changes someone's life...and a gift can only come from God...Do you agree?


  1. Hell yeah I agree..Well said!!!! (sorry for the hell yeah, but its what i felt...have been having thoughts similar lately, and it home)

  2. TALENT is a GIFT from GOD, and if used correctly, it can change someone's life!

  3. Hmm - this has really made me think.
    Some people are born with a talent but some people work really hard to become talented - either of these people could use their talent to change someone's life and they would be equally valid. Does that make sense?
    I think this subject has got me in knots somewhat...!

  4. That is beautiful. Completely agree.

  5. I believe that both come from God. That a talent can be turned into a gift if your heart is open to it. I would like to know the title of this film.

  6. hmmm...your thought and these replies give me something to think about. thanks for sharing.


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