Sunday, February 17, 2008

Musical Selection for the day

Go, go, go shorty it's my birthday...and I gotta go...Enjoy

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day! Thanks for dropping by my spot and leaving your comments :) I wanted to comment on 2 posts below but the comments has been turned off on here goes...

    re the pink embellished dresser - i have one word: fab-u-lous!!! i would use it in a guest bedroom too. i have the mirror in the pic but without the embellishment detail.

    re the lovely coffee table you want to build - great minds think a like...I built one myself! same style with slightly different proporations. not quite as low to the ground but still low. i made it from plywood (birch i think) and stained it a dark chocolate brown - looks fab because the wood grain still shows through...saved about $250! I just gotta nail it together...when I move into my place! lol.

    p.s. I will definitely pop in again to check your blog - i enjoy it.

    pps. i see that you've added my blog to your blogroll - very cool! is there anyway you can update the name so it shows as 'decorating from scratch'? I'll add your blog to my blog roll as well.



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